Medical Doctors Unite to End Prohibition – PRØHBTD

David Jenison, Editor-in-Chief at PRØHBTD, sits down with Dr. David L. Nathan, President of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, to discuss the involvement of doctors in marijuana prohibition.

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Doctors vs. Bureaucrats: The Battle to Legalize Cannabis

David Jenison, Editor-in-Chief at PRØHBTD speaks with Dr. Sunil Aggarwal regarding how the primary force opposing prohibition has been medical doctors who have often clashed with bureaucrats.

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Physicians voice their support for cannabis legalization in Massachusetts

Asked about concerns about overloaded emergency rooms, Jordan Tishler, a spokesman for Doctors for Cannabis Regulation who prescribes medical marijuana and who also works in an emergency room, said emergency room visits have increased in states with legal marijuana. But the numbers are still relatively low. In addition, he said no one can get seriously ill from marijuana, the way they can from overconsumption of alcohol or opioids.

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How cannabis can be a weapon in NJ’s war on addiction

“In states where medical cannabis is legal, recent studies have shown a 25 percent reduction in prescription opioid overdose deaths,” Dr. David L. Nathan said. “We can’t say that reduction is necessarily because of cannabis use, but the correlation is worth our attention. In 2015 alone, almost 1,600 people in New Jersey died from drug overdoses, mostly from opioids like heroin and fentanyl. In a situation this dire, we need to look at anything and everything with the potential to curb opioid addiction, which often begins with prescription opioid medications.”

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Physicians organize to seek cannabis regulation, not prohibition

The island of Manhattan has hundreds of stores selling alcohol and tobacco products and pharmacies offering prescription drugs, not to mention hot spots where illicit drugs are peddled.

And it has exactly one medical marijuana dispensary.

A group of physicians believes this fact exemplifies the hypocrisy and deleterious consequences of policies on cannabis from Manhattan to Hawaii. “It’s very clear to us,” said Julie Holland, MD, “that the drug laws don’t make any sense.”

Now they are collectively doing something about it. Doctors for Cannabis Regulation launched in 2015 to advocate against cannabis prohibition and for the plant’s regulation, espousing its medicinal value and recognizing that its recreational attraction to some is not going to disappear.

Full article at MedPage Today.

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4 Reasons It’s Hard to Judge Cannabis Studies

“There’s just so much noise and chatter because there’s so many harm studies being funded, much more so than benefit studies,” explains Dr. Sunil Aggarwal of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR), speaking with PRØHBTD in 2016. “Just the sheer number where people are trying to justify harm—of course, there’s risks for cannabis use, just like there’s risk for any substance use. When we’re talking about medical indications, we stand with many of our colleagues in medicine who believe the evidence shows that cannabis does have bona fide, specific medical uses. It’s been proven by repeated, high-quality trials.”

Full article at Paste Magazine.

NJ Lawmakers Hear Testimony On Adult Use Cannabis Legislation

CBS 3 Philadelphia covers testimony to New Jersey lawmakers by Dr. David L. Nathan, Founder and President of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation.

“Cannabis is less addictive than alcohol and tobacco, it doesn’t make users violent and there are no cases of fatal cannabis overdose documented,” Nathan said. “In short, from the medical standpoint, marijuana should never have been illegal for consenting adults.”